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Create a Berlese Funnel

Some bugs just aren’t “catchable” because they make their homes in the soil, rotten wood and leaf litter.  The secret to these kinds of bugs is to get them to come out of their cozy home. Most of these critters like dark, cool, and moist areas. So, if you make their home brighter or hotter, they’ll leave in search of a better place.

A bug funnel, called a Berlese (burr-LAY-see), is just what you need to coax some bugs into a jar so you have a good look.  Check out these instructions to create your own.


What you’ll need:

  • rotten wood, soil or leaf litter
  • jar
  • lamp
  • coarse mesh or window screening with holes poked in it
  • a funnel or paper to make one
  • moist paper towel
sm-berlese-01 sm-berlese-02
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